Strong foundations

At the heart of our service is a deep understanding of real asset investments.

We recognise the intrinsic complexities and unique challenges that accompany these types of assets, ranging from residential and commercial real estate to large scale infrastructure. Our team offers tailored solutions that enhance the value and efficiency of your investments.

  • Specialist Accounting and Reporting: including complex waterfall calculations and restructuring expertise.
  • Transaction Experience and Expertise: liaising with managers and advisors to deliver to exacting timescales.
  • REITs: service solutions for a variety of listed or unlisted REITs structured in the UK or Jersey.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge, offering assurance that regulatory and reporting obligations are understood and met.

For further information, please contact Chris, Barr or Volker:

Chris Ruark
Director, Commercial
Barr Stevenson 
Director, Fund Services
Volker Steinkopf
Associate Director, Fund Services