Sustainable solutions

In the specialised field of renewable energy investment, our fund administration services stand as a crucial partner for managers in this evolving sector.

Understanding the distinctive needs and challenges of renewable energy investments, we provide a tailored administration solution that aligns with the sector’s unique requirements.

  • Strategic Partnership: Acting as a collaborative partner, we offer insights and support tailored to renewable energy markets.
  • Customised Fund Administration: Specialised in handling the intricate aspects of renewable energy funds including accounting, reporting, and investor relations.
  • Sustainable Investment Support: Aligning fund operations with sustainability goals, providing expertise in environmental impact measurement and reporting.

As your administrative partner we are committed to enhancing your fund’s operational efficiency and impact, ensuring your investments not only yield financial returns but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

“We appreciated their flexibility and sector knowledge at the start of the process and their delivery and technical know-how throughout the life of our fund. We look forward to working with NCM on our next fund and hopefully many more thereafter”


For further information, please contact Douglas, Chris or Angus:

Douglas Graham
Director, Finance
Chris Ruark
Director, Commercial
Angus Andrew
Director, Fund Services