The venture capital sector plays a critical role in the financial ecosystem, supporting companies at early stages of growth and contributing to economic development and innovation

NCM plays an important role in supporting and enhancing a manager’s operations by undertaking key activities so that the manager can focus on strategic decision-making, deal sourcing and portfolio management. As the fund grows, the administrative workload increases proportionately. A fund administrator can readily adapt to these changing needs, providing scalability without compromising efficiency.

  • Handling Complex Tasks: such as fund accounting, investor communications, and regulatory compliance.
  • Adhering to Reporting Requirements: including tax regulations, and other compliance-related matters.
  • Central Point of Contact: for investors, handling queries, and ensuring timely and accurate distribution of information.

I really enjoy working with NCM and feel they are part of the team. When people ask for recommendations on fund providers, NCM’s name often comes up with very positive reviews.

CFO, VC Manager

For further information, please contact Julie, Kathleen, Chris or Sukhjit:

Julie Young
Associate Director, Fund Services
Kathleen McLeay
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Ruark
Director, Commercial
Sukhjit Dhaliwal
Director, Corporate and Investor Services