Shared responsibility

Social impact funds are instrumental in driving positive change by channelling investments into projects and businesses that prioritise social and environmental welfare. These funds attract investors seeking to align their financial goals with socially responsible initiatives.

NCM offers essential operational and financial support to maximise the positive impact and financial success by assisting managers with the particular reporting requirements of each fund, understanding the critical importance of accuracy and transparency throughout the investment lifecycle.

  • Tailored Fund Administration: Customised solutions in fund accounting, reporting, and investor management, attuned to the distinct nature of social impact funds.
  • Investor Relations with a Purpose: Focused on maintaining transparent and meaningful communication with investors who are passionate about social impact.
  • Regulatory and Ethical Compliance: Ensuring adherence to both legal regulations and ethical standards, critical in social impact investing.

“You are always very helpful and responsive. While NCM is growing they still care about providing a good service.”


For further information, please contact Julie, Kathleen, Chris or Sukhjit:

Julie Young
Associate Director, Fund Services
Kathleen McLeay
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Ruark
Director, Commercial
Sukhjit Dhaliwal
Director, Corporate and Investor Services